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From: Chris Johns
Subject: College Challenge College Challenge
Part 5
Zach Springs a SurpriseBobby and Mike have some more loveins that made them realise even more how
much they were falling in love with each other. The only noticeable
difference in their routines were that Bobby appeared to have a tutorial
almost every evening. Zach was no fool and gradually worked through in his
mind that Bobby and Mike were gay and in a relationship. When he was sure
he confirmed it by sneeking a little listening device into a tutorial with
Mike and fixing it to the bottom of his desk. So easy to get on the open
market Zach hadn’t even had to be devious, he just ordered it on line and
there it was with a receiver as well.The next evening when Bobby left for his tutorial, Zach switched on a
recorder and recorded the whole steamy conversation and accompanying other
noises associated with great sex. At his next tutorial Zach played the tape
to Mike who listened with mouth open in surprise.”What the !!!!! How did you get that?”Zach grinned.”That’s not important, Sir. More important is what I’m gong to do with
it. We are going to have another threesome, only this time I’m going to be
doing most of the fucking. And you and Bobby are going to receive my love
juice at both ends. I reckon I can manage Preteen Nude Girls four orgasms in a session with
you two guys doing all the stimulating.”Mike started to feel uncomfortable , but only for a minute.”I guess that now puts all of us in the same boat Zach. If anyone tells on
anyone else all three of us will be out on our ears. So you go ahead and
organise it. To be honest, I hoped you were gay because I really fancy
feeling your cock slide in and out of my ass and my mouth. Now it looks as
though I’m going to get it.”Zach was blown away by Mike’s admission.”Are you serious, Sir?”"Never more so, and I guess you had better drop the Sir in here and call me
Mike.”Zach was still not with it after all that so he didn’t have time to react
when Mike moved in to him and kissed him on the lips.”Oh fuck, don’t do that Mike, that is so sensaul. I’m not gay, I don’t want
to do that.”Mike wasn’t so sure so he jumped in again quickly. Held Zach very firmly
and kissed him again. He could feel the response even if it was
involuntary.”I don’t believe you Zach. I think you enjoyed that, the same as Preteen Nude Girls
enjoyed fucking.”Mike had guessed correctly, Zach was fighting it but losing. The tears in
his eyes were testament to his confusion.”Come and sit down with me Zach, listen to what I have to say.”Zach was putty in Mike’s hands as he lead him to the sofa and hugged him
while he talked.”Don’t sweat this Zach. Try to work out whether you are gay, or bi. I’m
certain you are one or the other because of your enjoyment of gay sex when
it is done with gentleness and affection like the other night. Decide where
you want to go with your life, but I beg you, please don’t Preteen Nude Girls
try to be
something you aren’t. You will be miseable forever if you try to please
other people instead of finding your own fulfilment.”Zach said nothing for a few minutes while he thought about this. Mike just
held him, and he liked that. Eventually he looked up and into a pair of
eyes oozing compassion.”Thanks Mike, you and Bobby were pretty spectacular the other evening, and
I did have some pretty powerful orgasms. I don’t think I’m gay, but I did
like that gay sex. How am I going to handle it?”"I tell you what. Why don’t you have your choreographed session with Bobby
and I, doing whatever turns you on, and then we’ll schedule a counselling
session where we can discuss your feelings and the best way to handle
them?”"You’d do that for me?”Zach said it in wonder which made Mike smile.”Before all this happened you and Bobby were two of my favourite
students. That hasn’t changed. I want to help you, and I feel duty bound to
now that I’ve unleashed a tiger.”Zach was calming down in leaps and bounds, now fully back in control he
stood up, faced Mike and said.”Thanks Mike, I like that idea. You and Bobby in here at six tomorrow, I’ll
tell Bobby and after that, you fix an appointment for us to Preteen Nude Girls
discuss my
feelings and how I should handle them in the big wide world.”Mike stood and gave him a hug.”Ok big boy, I can go with that.”As he said it he reached down and just gently squeezed Zach’s package,
stepping back immediately with a broad grin on his face. Zach grinned as
well, shook his head and left.At six the next even ing both boys turned up to Mike’s room. Zach started
in straight away.”Ok, guys you can start by getting naked.”Zach watched casually lounging in one of Mike’s armchairs.”Very nice. Now stand in front of me and rotate slowly.”Zach watched as two well buffed guys slowly turned, allowing him to scope
them both out from head to toe. He realised that both of them would be
classified as hot by girls as well as gay guys. Both were well Preteen Nude Girls built with
nice muscle definition, not serious jocks or bodybuilders, just Preteen Nude Girls
a couple of
guys who looked after themselves.”Mmm, I’m beginning to realise why I found it so easy to get aroused by you
two. Now face each other and play with your opposite number until you are
both sporting good solid erections.”What Zach was faced with in no time was Bobby with his cock pointing at the
ceiling and Mike with his long fat pole sticking out at about 45 degrees.”Ok, time for me to feel those magical hands. Undress me and use those
hands to get me seriously turned on.”Mike winked at Bobby and they started. Pulling out all the stops they
undressed Zach making it as erotic as possible until he was panting. Then
he closed his eyes giving Bobby the easy chance he needed. He Preteen Nude Girls took the
previously placed handcuffs out from under a cushion and walked round
behind Zach playing with his ass, then he slowly pulled his arms back while
Mike went to town on his nipples, now stretched quite taught. A quick snap
and the cuffs were secured. Zach opened his eyes in surprise and saw the
other two grinning at him.”You didn’t really believe we were going to let you have your fun did you
Zach. We’re now going to show you the extremes of gay sex before releasing
you. Get the dildo Bobby.”Zach nearly fainted when he saw what Bobby produced. It must have been at
least a foot long and about nine inches round.”This session will finish when you have been shagged by both of use and
taken this entire baby up your love chute.”Zach gulped and blustered but the other two just stood stony faced and said
nothing until they couldn’t hold it together any longer and dissolved in
almost hysterical laughter.Bobby moved in close and kissed Zach.”Only joking Buddy, we both want to feel you inside us this evening.”Mike meanwhile had released the cuffs and put them away again, along with
the dildo.Zach wiped his hand across his brow, grinned and went, “Phew, I thought you
were serious there. You can get the dildo out again though Mike, let’s see
if you can take it.”Too much. All three were now hysterical meaning the sex was going to be a
lot of fun as well as, hopefully, erotic.Zach had gone soft during this interlude so he sat down in an armchair,
spread his legs wide and told the others.”You had better do some serious loving to this baby now,” shaking his cock
at the others.With Mike between his legs using both hands and his mouth on Zach’s cock,
balls and perineum he was spacing out rapidly. Bobby kneeling beside the
chair then started on nipples and using his mouth as well alternated
kissing Zach and nibbling his nipples. Mike was a master at his art and
brought Zach close to orgasm several times, he loved licking his way up
Zach’s pole from the base, swallowing the glans and using his tongue to
drive Zach crazy, slowly running it round the lip of the glans, stopping at
the underside to slick it back and forth across the fraenulum before
licking and nibbling his way back down the shaft and swallowing the ball
sac complete for a good swabbing and then onto the perineum and just a
touch to the anus with the point of the tongue before reversing the
action. Eventually he gave Bobby the nod and both of them pulled out the
stops to give him an incredibly violent orgasm.Mike reckoned he could have filled an egg cup with that first emission
there was so much of it. Zach took ages to come down to earth again while
both guys stroked him gently.”Oh God, Mike, if you do that very often I’ll fear for my sanity. No woman
will ever make me cum like that.”Worrying for a supposedly heterosexual boy !”Your turn now Bobby, but I want to be stretched out comfortably, can we
pull the bed out Mike?”Deed done and Bobby now had the chance to show what he could do. Mike
didn’t get involved this time, what he did was start to play with
Bobby. Getting him more excited would almost certainly make him do a better
job on Zach.Mike went straight to the heart of his lust, Bobby’s ass. It was just so
gorgeous. He stroked it for a while, scoping it out, running his hands
across the perineum to play with his balls as well. Next, he spread the
cheeks with both hands giving him a clear view of the lovely little
puckered entry to Paradise which he then attacked violently with his tongue
and mouth, stabbing, licking and sucking. He was in heaven, but so was
Bobby, so much so that he had a violent orgasm, spraying Zach with a
copious quantity of jism.”Oh Jesus, Mike, I’ll Preteen Nude Girls love you forever if you do that to me again.”Zach opened his eyes as the cum from Bobby’s orgasm sprayed over his Preteen Nude Girls groin
and belly.”You mucky bugger Bobby, I’m going to fuck you now. Mike, get me some lube,
Bobby on your back, Mike can hold your legs back and wide.”Zach never took his eyes off Bobby’s ass as he watched his cock sliding
into the hairless, smooth, welcoming love chute. Bobby was fully erect
again before Zach had bottomed out and was pulling Mike in close so that he
could suck him. Mike couldn’t believe how erotic it looked with Zach’s long
man rammer sliding in and out in long slow strokes. Before he had time to
really enjoy it the eroticism got to him and he nearly choked Bobby with a
massive orgasm. This was sex like he could only imagine it before. The
reality was mind boggling. He could see that Zach was fighting not to cum,
but it was a losing battle and he finished off with several very hard
entries, making Bobby squeal and have another mighty orgasm all over his
torso.All three guys were wasted and took ages to get their act together.”I have never had orgasms like this in my life. You two are awesome. Give
me a few more minutes and then I think we should spit roast Mike, don’t you
Bobby. I just want a good fuck this time. I don’t need any preparation
except to watch you, Bobby, open up your love ready to take me.”Bobby did the deed with Mike on his back which gave Zach the excuse to play
with Mike’s incredible cock. He had never seen one that tapered from a very
thick base to a relatively small head. He knew that it felt marvellous
penetrating him because it opened him up gradually as it made its way to
his large intestine.”You are really lucky Bobby, having this sliding into you regularly, it’s
an amazing piece of kit.”When Bobby had three Preteen Nude Girls fingers sliding in and rotating Zach told him to
change places and he lubed up Preteen Nude Girls again before sliding over Mike’s sphincter
and holding still until he felt it relax. The same action then as he had
done with Bobby. The big difference that had his eyes out on organ stops,
was that Mike knew how to use his muscles to massage Zach’s cock as it slid
in and out. The result was an unbelievably ferocious orgasm that Mike had
to stifle the sound of because Zach started to scream.Bobby was pumping his cock and came all over Mike as Mike orgasmed as well.There really were three wasted guys after that and they just fell in a heap
on the bed with nobody moving or saying anything for ages. The amount of
cum squishing around between them was disgusting and when they recovered
and looked at it before looking at each other they then burst out laughing
again. It was doubtful there were three happier or more contented guys in
college that evening.Zach knew now what he needed to do. With the three of them sat in Mike’s
lounge area with drinks, Zach spoke.”I don’t know if all my gay experiences will be as awesome as this one has
been Mike, but I think I’m going to try to find out while I’m still here in
college. I’m also going to bed as many chic’s as I can. I’m guessing that
I’m bi which would suit me completely because sex with you guys has been
phenomenal and I want more, but my life plan doesn’t allow for me to be
gay.”Mike and Bobby looked at each other and Bobby shrugged.”That’s ok Zach, whatever you are happy with. As long as you don’t try to
delude yourself and try to be something you’re not. Keep our appointment
for tomorrow anyway.”Everybody happy, Zach and Bobby headed for the cafeteria and Mike for the
staff restaurant.Mike and Bobby continued their relationship, now though, completely
monogamous. Bobby told Mike stories about Zach’s exploits with girls and
then the unthinkable. Zach came for a tutorial with Mike one day looking
like the cat that got the cream.”Someone Preteen Nude Girls looks happy. Like to tell me about it?”"Oh jeez Mike, I’ve found a lover, he is awesome, he Preteen Nude Girls takes me off to
Paradise like you did. I think I’m totally in love, goodbye bi-sexual. I’m
gay and I’m going to work my life on that premise.”Mike was more than a little surprised but expressed his pleasure. Now all
the pieces were in the proper place.When Bobby turned up later, Mike took him into a serious cuddle before
telling him about Zach and then taking him to bed for a couple of hours.”I love you Bobby, I am so looking forward to you graduating.”"Me too Mike, I want to be able to lay in your arms all night every night.”"Mmm, ditto. How about we give it a try for the holiday’s if you don’t have
to go home.”"I don’t, but where?”"My parent’s ranch. They know all about you and want to meet you.”Bobby was blown away.”Don’t they mind that you’re gay?”"Of course they do, Mum wanted grand kids, I think Dad would have liked
some too. The big thing is Dad wanted someone to take over the ranch, but
I’m an academic with no real interest in ranching, so grand kids would have
given him another chance. I guess when they die I’ll just put in a manager
to run it.”"How big is it then Mike?”"Um, oh I don’t know really, all I know is that we run about 10,000 head of
cattle.”Bobby gulped, “Christ, that’s pretty big isn’t it?”Mike laughed and said , “Yeah, I guess.”Bobby was very quiet after that trying to imagine how big the ranch would
be for so many cattle. His parents ok’d it, so at semester end he was off
to a ranch for the holidays.Mike’s parents were great, no sign at all that they were disappointed Bobby
was a boy instead of a girl.”I guess you had better call us Mum and Dad, Bobby as my son appears to be
in love with you”Bobby was flattered beyond words and just took Dad’s hand and nearly shook
it off.No more could be done to cement this relationship and it finally came
completely right after graduation. Mike bought a house off campus, Bobby
moved in and got a job in the local area.Life then became like the ending of a fairy tale. They lived happily ever
Another story I would like to have kept going but no idea how.

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